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Products & Services - Prolong Additives Series

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Traditional lubricants like motor oils ,gear oils are flow lubricants that provide a film Barrier between metal surfaces pressing or rubbing together. The greater the film strength, the better the oil. However, in extreme pressure metal to metal contact, the film strength of oil is seriously thinned and is often completely squeezed out. Metal wear may occur as surfaces rubbing under no lubrication.

On the other hand , Prolong is a bonding lubricant. Prolong AFMT interacts with metal surfaces in a molecular and chemical process to create a protective buffer on the surface of the metal. Molecules in AFMT are polarized(+) and actually bond with the metal surfaces. The layer of AFMT molecules is activated by extreme pressure and heat , meaning that Prolong lubrication perform best right where it is needed most. The result, AFMT significantly reduces harmful friction, wear and heat.

Prolong AFMT does not contains harmful material like heavy metals, resin or solid which is found in the technologies of competitive products.

Prolong AFMT was proved to reduce wear by 90 % and energy consumption by 5-15%.

Prolong AFMT can be applied by mixing with ordinary lubricants at suggested ratio to give the best performance

Mechanism Addition of Prolong AFMT by volume
Gear Box (gear oil)   15%
Air Compressor ( compressor oil)   10%
Diesel /Gas engines (Motor oil)   10%
Hydraulic system ( hydraulic oil)   5%
Metal working (metal cutting oil)   5 – 15% ( depend on different processes)
Products is available in 250ml, 400ml, 1 liter, 4 liter, 18 liter, 200 liter


Specific Gravity @60 ˚F (15.6˚C), 1.09
Viscosity @104 ˚F( 40˚C) 33.0 cSt
  @212 ˚F( 100˚C) 4.5 cSt
Flash Point C.O.C 320 ˚F (160 ˚C)
Total Base Number 12.8
Copper Strip Corrosion (ASTM D130) 1a (best rating)
Dielectric Strength (ASTM D877) 22.1KV
Pour Point 5 ˚F (-15 ˚C)
Packing 250 ml / 400 ml/ 1 lt./ 4 lt./ 18 lt./ 200 lt.