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Products & Services - Mann+Hummel Filter Series

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When the lubricants run in the machine system, the small particles such as iron, steel, sand, carbon dirt and lem soot will accumulate inside them easily. These small particles are destructive, weary and may damage the machine parts like piston ring, bore crankshaft and bearing. It will reduce the engine life. Ensure to increase the engine life, most of the managers will purchase a filter which can remove the small particles and clean the oil. Unfortunately, a typical element filter does not clean the oil, it only stops large dirt particles reaching the engine. Small wear particles will still remain in the lubricants. Also, the filter will become progressively blocked by the large particles. So, the managers need to exchange them frequently and become environmental unfriendly.

To solve the problem, MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal oil cleaner is effective to use. It is operated by an pressurised oil supply. The oil passes through a rotor, spinning it at high speed up to 8,000 rev/min so that the particles in the oil are deposited on the inner wall of the rotor to form a dense cake. It can remove the substantial quantities of engine clogging soot up to 1 mirco. The centrifuges are designed to be cleaned at regular service intervals. When much dirt build-up on the rotor walls, you can clean the dirt deposit from the inner rotor wall with a spatula. As expect, the centrifuges needing no maintance during the life of the unit since they have no electronic parts inside. By keeping the oil clean longer, this protects the engine and by sharing the load, prevents the efficiency of the main filter from falling off so rapidly.