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Products & Services - Mann+Hummel Filter Series

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Centrifugal force is capable of removing a wide range of particles extending into the sub-micron range. Analysis of the dirt collected by a MANN+HUMMEL centrifuge reveals an ability to remove particles of less than one micron in size including engine clogging soot: oil films protecting critical engine components are equally as small. If not removed contaminant particles in this size range cause component wear and a consequent reduction of engine durability.



Comparative engine test results to demonstrate
the advantages of a centrifugal by-pass oil cleaner

Engine Test Result 1
2.5 litre direct injection diesel engine with E.G.R.
The centrifuge has dramatically reduced the rate of increase of combustion soot levels within the lubricating oil to around 50%. Increased soot loading accelerates oil thickening and contributes to engine component wear. Controlling the levels extends service intervals and increases engine durability.
Engine Test Result 2
8 litre diesel engine
  As the lube oil becomes loaded with contaminant the total insolubles level rises and it becomes unserviceable at a predetermined insolubles level. In the test engine the maximum total insolubles level was 3%. The test result shows a by-pass centrifuge controlled total insolubles at a level below the engine manufacturer's condemnation limit at more than double the specified oil drain interval.
Engine Test Result 3
8 litre diesel engine
  The rate of iron accumulation in the oil of the engine with a by-pass centrifuge is substantially lower than an engine operating with just a standard full flow filter, thus reducing the rate at which engine components wear out.