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Products & Services - Port-A-Cool® Evaporative Cooling Unit

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As our weather is getting more and more extreme and number of HOT days in Hong Kong is increasing significantly, this makes the outdoor environment more dangerous for employees to work at when under the scorching sun and hot, stuffy conditions.

When under the "Very Hot Weather" warning announced by Hong Kong Observatory, even indoor areas with poor ventilation or cooling devices such as warehouse and underground parking will become intolerable. Air conditioning requires huge amount of electricity, limited to indoor uses only and the coolant i.e. CFC used is very damaging to the atmosphere. Therefore, Dunwell has introduced Port-A-Cool® from the United States of America to Hong Kong to improve this issue.

Port-A-Cool® is a portable evaporative cooling unit that employs the natural cooling process, using forced air over water-soaked evaporative cooling pads to reduce temperature, thus hot air is cooled economically and efficiently. The one-piece, polyethylene housing is durable, rust-free and leak-proof. The easy rolling casters of Port-A-Cool® is ideal for spot cooling in both outdoors and indoors. Each model has its own uniqueness, users can choose the fan sizes and models based on the areas required for cooling. The Special & Explosion Proof Units (switches, cords and motors are sealed to prevent sparking) are essential solutions for hazardous and explosion sensitive locations like Gas Plants and Power Stations. Apart from reducing electricity, Port-A-Cool®, housing is made from recycled plastic in the USA factory, NO greenhouse gases are emitted from the units during the cooling process, aligns with the green purchasing principle.

Our Hong Kong users all agreed that the area being cooled is 4-10 °C lower when using Port-A-Cool® in hot, stuffy days.