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Products & Services - Oil Analysis Services

The Problem
Economical and effective maintenance of today's sophisticated equipment require reliable information to avoid excessive unscheduled downtime and costly failures. Many maintenance departments gain this crucial information by periodic tear-downs and visual inspection of their equipment with a program of preventive maintenance based on manufacturers' recommendations and past experience of equipment failures.

Lubricating oil, hydraulic fluid, filters, and air cleaners are changed at predetermined mileage or hours of operation. In some cases, equipment is checked only after it has failed. In other cases, perfectly serviceable equipment is torn down and rebuilt, merely because it has completed a specific service cycle. Many times lube oil and hydraulic fluids are discarded solely on the basis of their visual appearance.

Unnecessary and unscheduled downtime caused by total equipment failure can be disastrous, resulting in excessive costs.

The Solution - Oil Analysis for controlled maintenance
Periodic analysis of used oil originally gained widespread acceptance as a tool to detect diesel engine problems before they became serious and expensive. Tests were devised that could determine excessive fuel dilution, coolant contamination, and dirt ingestion. Additional tests were developed to provide information on the wear of specific parts of the engine, while other test determined the exact condition of the lube oil, its viscosity, and the effectiveness of its additives.

Experience gained over years with these analytical tests confirmed that not all equipment wears at the same rate, oil deterioration will vary from engine to engine, and filter systems' effectiveness s influenced bye many factors. Therefore, some equipment was being "over-maintained" while other equipment was being "under-maintained".

Oil analysis by contrast, allows maintenance to be geared to the specific needs of each particular piece of equipment. Lube oil, hydraulic fluid, and filters can be changed when they exhausted their effectiveness, not before or after. Impending failures can be detected in the early stages and equipment scheduled for proper maintenance without unexpected and excessive downtime. Minor repairs can often prevent major overhauls. Equally important, properly operating equipment can be identified and allowed to continue in service even beyond its presumed mileage or hourly limit.

This, then, became CONTROLLED MAINTENANCE which combined the very best aspects of preventive maintenance and also provided management a tool to control downtime, overhaul costs, lube oil expenditures, and back-up equipment inventory purchase decisions. Controlled Maintenance also function as  Quality Control Tools to establish  correct maintenance procedures, to check specifications of oil, fuel and filters, and to ascertain the condition of new equipment as received from the manufacturer or overhaul facility.

What can this report tell you ?
In the report, it shows the real operating status of your machine. If there is any problem with it, this report provides you with suggestions to properly maintain. You can make your own maintenance plan that fits in with your production schedules and avoid unscheduled downtime.

Why Analysts (Asia)?
Analysis (Asia)'s principal in the U.S. is a pioneer in the filed of diagnosing equipment condition through oil analysis. Founded in 1960, its first laboratory was set up in California. Today, it has five fully computerized laboratories throughout the U.S. to handle a total of over 3,500 samples a day.

Who are Analysts's clients ?
Shell, Caterpillar, Pennzoil, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Altas Copco, Detroit Diesel and Komatsu are Komatsu are major clients of Analysts in the States. In Hong Kong, Far East Jetfoil, KCRC Light Rail, Sonca, Caltex and Swire BFI are subscribing the testing services as well.

cert_s.jpg (14102 bytes)What are included in the package ?
A typical engine oil analysis package includes testing of water content, fuel, carbon, viscosity and a spectro-chemical analysis of 21 different metals and elements in oil.

There are different packages for :
  • grease
  • hydraulic oil
  • gear oil
  • transmission oil
  • other kinds of lubricant
  • fuel.

How soon can I get the report ?
Usually, you will receive a fax copy of the report(s) within 10 days after you sent your sample to Analysts (Asia) Limited. An original report will follow in a week's time.