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Products & Services - Robotic Reservoirs Cleanser VR-600

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VR-600 Robotic Reservoir Cleaning

Water works have traditionally been limited to two options for cleaning a reservoir or storage tank; empty the tank or send in divers. Both choices are costly, labor intensive and raise confined space safety issues.

In addition, both options may require taking the tank offline which can adversily affect the distribution system, resulting in potential main breaks, loss of storage capacity and water quality problems.

Online cleaning

The VR-600 is a safer, less expensive and more effective way to clean water tanks - without taking them offline.

The VR-600 is remote controlled and equipped with rotating brushes and a powerful pump for removing the sediment.

Lights and a video camera guide the operator while controlling the VR-600 using a joystick.

The entire cleaning process is documented on videotape. In addition to cleaning the reservoir the system can also pinpoint the position of any leaks and other structual problems.