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Products & Services - Used Oil Recycling System VMAT

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VMAT Used Oil Recycling System has the following distinct benefits:

1. Low temperature - low energy consumption

VMAT operates below 90°C which does not require phase change latent energy. Working pressure is just around 3 to 5 bar. Therefore, energy consumption is minimal.

2. Low Pressure
  Unlike traditional membrane system that requires high pressure to facilitate the filtration process, VMAT only experiences 3-4 bar (40-50 psi) pressure being exerted on the membrane surface. Thus, the consumption of electricity is minimized and membrane useful life has been significantly prolonged.
3. Modular Design and small footprint
  VMAT is designed in modules. Single vibrating membrane unit occupies only 1.2m x 1.2m. Auxiliary equipment is simple, making it easy to expand its capacity in stages.
4. Ability to handle synthetic oil
  Without using chemicals and employing higher temperature like in other distillation processes, VMAT could treat the used synthetic oil in just a single pass filtration.

Low Cost


ROI payback in less than 2 years