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Products & Services - RO Direct Drinking Water

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VMAT Mineral RO Direct Drinking Water System
VMAT RO System removes odor and contaminants of all kinds in water to provide pure water complied with the Drinking Water Standard of People Republic of China CJ94-1999. In additional to the purification of water, health of the users is also considered in the system design. Dual ultraviolet disinfection and additional trace amount of minerals are added to the purified water to promote users’ health.

Solving Brine Backward-Flowing Problem
With the use of reverse osmosis membrane from Japan-manufacturer, TORAY, the system can remove up to 95% salinity in the feed water. Backward flowing of brine caused by dry season would no more be a problem.

Cost Reduction
The monthly cost saving on RO drinking water would be more than 50% of the cost of bottled distilled-water.

Free After Care Services
If our client joins our 3-years maintenance program, we will provide monthly water quality analysis and system inspections without further charges. Replacement of defected parts of the system is also free of charge for the first 3 years.

Five-staged filtration, closed pipe circulation and dual ultraviolet disinfection technology are adopted to directly transfer purified water to users, thus preventing the possibility of "secondary contamination" during transportation and replacing bottles.

Health Drink
Bottled water usually lacks minerals, which are essential to human health. Prolonged drinking bottled water causes adverse effects on health. Our system could provide an optional mineralizer which supplies adequate amount of minerals based on body needs to enhance our body metabolism and health

Convenient and Time Saving
Direct Drinking Water is supplied by independent pipe network, which saves places for storage and reduces the nuisance caused by changing bottled water.

Purified Water Production
RO-W7 can produce 7m3 of purified mineral water per day, which can supply drinking water for 2000 people.
RO-W16 can produce 16m3 of purified mineral water per day, which can supply drinking water for up to 4,000 people.