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Screw conveyor is widely used in city sewage treatment and industries. LSS series are designed as shaftless structure. The U-shaped solid tank is hermetic with an lid (which can be opened when necessary). Thus, such conveyor is suitable for conveying solid that is polluted, with abominable smell, dangerous, for bridging or as sanitary products. LSS series shaftless screw conveyor conveys solid with a strong rotating steel screw. With such construction, it is suitable for transporting dry, humid, sticky, powder or rough solid. The shaftless screw design of LSS can effectively prevent blockage or entering. This design allows transportation of solids of different dimensions.

1) Filter residue and dewatered sludge treatment in sewage treatment plant
2) Industrial and living garbage treatment in industrial and city habitant area
3) Solid in strip or strap form found in paper and fiber industry
4) Industrial solid fuel or waste such as waste residue, ash or straw

Main specifications

No. Type Flow Rate (m3/h) Motor Power (kw) Main Dimension (mm)
Horizontal Declining U-shape Solid Tank Screw
1 LSS200 1.2 1.1 1.5 200 160
2 LSS260 2.8 1.5 2.2 260 215
3 LSS320 6.5 2.2 3 320 280
4 LSS360 9 3 4 360 315
5 LSS420 14 4 5.5 420 360
6 LSS500 17 5.5 7.5 500 420
1) Values of above mentioned specifications: Horizontal β=0°,L=5m,
Declining β=25°,L=5m. For technical reference only.
2) β stands for mounting angle, L stands for length of the screw conveyor
3) Thickness of screw is 16-30mm, Thickness of polyamine lining is 10 mm.
4) Values may vary for different materials.