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Our decanter can be used to thicken the sludge, dewater the sludge or thicken-dewater the sludge. The whole sludge dewatering system has five parts:

1) Sludge Feeding System
2) Polymer Make-up System
3) Thickening and Dewatering system
4) Solid Conveying System
5) Electric Control System of Complete Set

We configure different electric control system for different customer needs:

1) Simple Type: Able to control automatically during operation
2) General Type: Have PLC control
3) Intelligent Type: PLC+PC Control, have data sampling and output

Main Characters of Our Sludge Dewatering Centrifuge with Bigger Length/Diameter Ratio

Length/Diameter Ratio L/D≥4.3.High rotating speed and low differential speed system is adopted. Bigger length to diameter ratio increases the resident time of the mixture inside the bowl so that the time for liquid clarifying and solid dewatering is prolonged. High rotation speed generates great centrifugal force. Small differential speed reduces the stirring of screw to the solid. With the increased residence time, good efficiency for dewatering the sludge and clarifying the centrate is achieved. Comparing with typical decanter centrifuges, drier solid cake and clearer centrate is produced by this kind of machine.
Big torque hydraulic backdrive is adopted. This provides bigger drive torque. (If the size is the same, the drive torque of hydraulic backdrive is 2 to 4 times of that of mechanical gearbox.)
Hydraulic differential speed system is adopted. The output torque is greater (≥16000Nm). The differential speed changes with the load. The differential speed is adjusted automatically through feedback. The discharge power is automatically compensated. In this way, the solid inside the bowl is compacted under the centrifugal force. Moreover, The solid is extruded between the screw blades in the conical section of the bowl. In this way, the discharged solid maintains a invariable dryness and the solid is more dryer. When solid is discharged out of the bowl , the differential speed automatically comes back to its original value. The solid bowl is almost free of clogging. If the throughput is the same, 30% chemical and electricity consumption can be saved by using our decanter. The noise is lower than 84dB.
Wide adjustment range of starting differential speed: the differential speed is adjusted within the range from 0 to 20 rpm.
Super hard abrasive-resistant material W2C-65% is spay welded on solid discharge port, feed port and conveyor blade. The thickness if 2~3mm. Comparing to tiles, it has better duration and needs no replacement. This prolongs the operation life.