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Products & Services - Chemical Enhanced Process Treatment

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Dunwell Chemical & Physical Wastewater Treatment system helps our client to produce high quality effluent with 95 – 99% removal of COD, Suspended Solids and Oil & Grease since 1996 while treating maximum daily flow of 80,000 - 100,000 L of car washing oily wastewater & mining waste water.

The state-of-art Dunwell system consists of the chemical and physical processes. The chemical process including chemicals dosing and mixing is used to solidify the emulsified oil and other COD contaminants inside the wastewater. The solids will be removed by an Induced Air Floatation unit which generates enormous tiny bubbles from its tank bottom while the wastewater enters the unit. The bubbles will lift the solids to the water surface, and a mechanical wiper will remove the solids from the wastewater and transfer to a sludge holding for dewatering.

An oil major in Hong Kong
(Physio-chemical wastewater treatment plant)
The largest bakery in Hong Kong
(Bio-chemical wastewater treatment plant)
The largest softdrinks bottler in Hong Kong
(Bio-chemical wastewater treatment plant)
BMW New Car Pre-delivery and Inspection Department
(Physio-chemical wastewater treatment plant)