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MBR Waste Water treatment for the Largest Bakery Plant in Hong Kong


Dunwell Engineering Co., Ltd. successfully completed a trial on adoption of Membrane Bio-reactor (MBR) to treat the high concentration wastewater generated from the largest Bakery Plant in Hong Kong. The trial was undertaken from Jan to Mar. of 2007. Comparing with the existing wastewater treatment in the Bakery Plant, Dunwell’s Membrane Bio-reactor could help them to save the wastewater treatment cost of HK$240,000 per year.

Besides the saving in wastewater treatment cost, Dunwell's Membrane Bio-reactor is more compact than the traditional wastewater treatment plant, so the user could use the saved space for other manufacturing applications.

Dunwell’s Membrane Bio-reactor for food processing wastewater have three main steps : Physio-chemical treatment, Biological treatment and Membrane separation. Wastewater firstly passes through two automatic screens so as to remove the coarse suspended solids. Afterwards the wastewater will enter the aeration tank. Inside the aeration tank, the activated sludge (suspended microorganisms) will absorb and digest the organic matter inside the wastewater. The treated water will be finally extracted through a submersible membrane with 1.4um, and separated from the activated sludge.

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