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Innovative Nanoparticle for Waste Water application – Regenerable Core-Shell Nanoparticle

Dunwell Group adopts a type of polymeric nanoparticles developed by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and successfully applies in wastewater application.

The research and development of this special nanoparticles begins in year 2004, focuses on the enhancing and improving of traditional nano materials. The research and development concentrates in applications for industries such as medical, textiles, Chinese herbal medicine, cosmetics, food and environmental protection.

This innovative nanoparticles own a very special structure, with a well-defined hydrophobic cores and functional hydrophilic shells. The core-shell nanoparticles can effectively adsorb most of recalcitrant organic and inorganic contaminants frequently found in industrial wastewater. The core-shell nanoparticles are three times more efficient than traditional nanoparticles and can be re-activated to re-use more than ten times, resulting in a much better cost effectiveness.

In April 2007, the technology won two back-to-back international awards: the Gold Medal of the 35th International exhibition of Inventions New Techniques & Products in Geneva and the Best Invention from International Jury and Islamic Azad University of Islamic Republic of Iran.

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