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Oil Analysis - A small token to safeguard your big investment

The Hong Kong economy continues to grow prosperously and the stock market has been on a roll. Recently, couple of friends is planning to buy a second-hand yacht and luxury sport coupe and is inquiring about methods to "reveal" latent mechanical problems covered up, minimizing the risk of expensive future maintenance.

Beside buying from dealers with prestige reputation or having the yacht/coupe thoroughly check by a mechanic, a simple oil test can also be a simple, inexpensive and smart idea. By preparing 100ml of oil sample from the engine and the gear box and sending them to experienced laboratory for analysis, based on the wear metal distribution, additive content, water content, Acidity/Alkalinity value and the oil viscosity, a test report can be generated to tell you the real status; any abnormal wearing, cracked pipe, and oil or air filter problems that lead to system overload and low fuel efficiency.

Just like blood test, oil analysis can identify potential problem and help prevent and correct it before it grown. Comparing to the cost of the yacht/coupe, the cost of oil test is absolutely a worthwhile bargain.

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