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Dunwell Bio-diesel Additives - Solution to exhaust pollutants mitigation

Dunwell has been using self-produced bio-diesel additives on its vehicle fleet for years and recently this environmentally friendly fuel additives is being used on diesel-powered trucks and generators of existing clients such as property management companies, logistics companies, construction sites, etc.

Dunwell Bio-diesel additives is free of sulfur; comparing to petroleum based diesel, burning of bio-diesel additives will not produce harmful gases like sulfur dioxide; and emission of carbon monoxide, carcinogenic PAHs and "black smoke" are greatly reduced. The specifications of Dunwell bio-diesel additives comply with ASTM Standard.

Raw materials of Dunwell Bio-diesel Additives include used cooking oil. This totally eliminates the need of treating used cooking oil and at the same time, producing renewable energy. Diesel can be mixed with 20% to 50% bio-diesel additives, and used in diesel engines without any modification. The flash point of bio-diesel additives is around 185°C (Petroleum based diesel ~50°C), this property greatly lowers the fire risk and other safety issues.

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