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VMAT application : Upgrade of leachate treatment plant


Henan Zhengzhou municipal is constructing a daily 300 metric tons comprehensive leachate treatment plant. Since 2005, this project has started targeting to achieve Level II of BG5084-92 national agricultural irrigation standard.

By 2006, Zhengzhou municipal government upgrade this leachate treatment plant to Level I of GB8978-1996 comprehensive sewage discharge standard before allowing to discharge to inland waters. The phase I of this project has applied effective biological method to reach Level II quality. After this pre-treatment, sewage condition has much improved but still require further polishing to reach GB8978-1996 Level I standard. After thorough evaluation, the polishing process will apply physical filtration and disinfection before discharge to inland waters.

The chosen technology must be reliable, have proven track record, ease of operation, automatic, efficient, less maintenance, best value for money, and excellent after-sales services.

By the end of 2006, Zhengzhou municipal leachate treatment plant found VMAT vibratory membrane technology best suit to their requirements. VMAT vibratory membrane technology follows the basic principle of conventional membrane technology but produce a high shear force on the membrane surface. This high shear force creates anti-fouling and high concentration properties particularly suitable for leachate treatment. The contract has been signed in early 2007 and expects to complete by mid 2007.

Up to the end of 2002, there were 528 landfills in whole country, total capacity 68,960,000 tons, expanding in 8%-10% every year. It is expected that landfills are getting closer to farm lands and eco-sensitive regions. Therefore, landfills design must be uplifted from simple burial to sanitation treatment and leachate must be handled properly.

VMAT, with its distinct features, is best suit for leachate treatment in landfills either newly built or in-operation stage. While economy is blooming, and continuously upgrading landfills standard, the prospect of this application is excellent.

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